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Live Sound 101: Player’s Guide to Soundcheck

Surviving a sound check – useful tips & guidelines for players of all instruments


Purpose of Running a Soundcheck

Anyone who’s ever been to a live show has probably witnessed some awkward technical difficulties happening on stage: Ear-piercing feedbacks, mics not working etc’. Anyone who’s ever gone up on stage and played a gig knows how hard it is to deliver a good performance when you can’t properly hear yourself or your fellow band members. In order to lay the ground for a smooth running show, a soundcheck must be done in order to prepare the stage and venue before the crowd comes in. The key objectives of soundchecking are:

  • Assembly of all required gear for both the band and the sound crew
  • Reducing the likelihood of malfunctions during the show
  • Allowing the sound engineer to balance between all instruments in a way that serves the show in terms of style & genre while taking into consideration the acoustic characteristics of the venue
  • Allowing the performers to find their comfort zone on stage in terms of hearing a good live mix of their performance, having enough space to move around and achieving their desired sound.

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